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pearls before swine
It's the last midnight
It's the last wish
I've been up for two hours. TWO. 
28th-Dec-2007 09:44 pm
pearls before swine

I hate my immune system.

Had to cancel my Wednesday plans. Was well enough to go out yesterday, but it took too much out of me and I had to reschedule my plans for tonight for Sunday. Hopefully I'll be better by then.

So, they probably won't make the rest of the His Dark Materials trilogy into movies, which is sad, because they would make kick-ass movies. And because I think the kid who played Toby in Sweeney Todd would be the PERFECT Will.

The Hobbit's being made into two movies, though. So score.

I heart my new camera. A LOT. It is way cooler than my old one ever was.

I'm in a Laverne & Shirley mood. Which is unfortunate because I left my DVDs in Pittsburgh.

This song ("Hey There Delilah") owns me.

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