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pearls before swine
It's the last midnight
It's the last wish
Finals. Ew. 
24th-Apr-2006 04:32 pm
young hot Marlon Brando
So. Finals week. Not so awesome.

Econ is Wednesday at 8. I still have to get the last bit of notes, but I'm not too worried about it. I can miss 14 and still get an A for the semester.

Anthropology is Thursday at 8 (TWO 8am finals? What did I do to deserve this?). I'm not worried about this one, either. I only need a 78, since I got a 94 on the midterm and a 102 in recitation. I do need to study, though. And there's a review session tomorrow I need to go to. There was one today, too, but... sleep was more important.

Children & Culture is Thursday at noon. This one might suck. A lot. There's a multiple choice/matching section, a short answer section, and a close reading section (that is basically like the AP English test essays... we get new material and have to close read it). So. I definitely need to study for this one, especially since I don't think my essay was that great (then again, I thought my last essay was crap, and I got an A).

Ummmmmmm. Hillary is leaving tomorrow, and that makes me really, really sad. Jess is leaving Thursday, and Jess C. is leaving... Friday morning, I think. Saaaaaaaaaaad.

My parents are coming Saturday to pick up all my stuff. I'm hoping to convince them to take me out to dinner. Because that would be really nice. And then commencement is Sunday at 1. We leave Monday morning at 8am for Maryland. The band leaves Maryland on Wednesday morning, but I'm staying with Jessica til Sunday, May 7th.


Saw American Dreamz this past Friday. Funniest movie ever. Hugh Grant makes me really, really, really happy. But they took out the funniest part from the trailer! The "I'm a real big fan of your work." "...Cheeto?"

Best part? "I think, after a while, they were more like placebos." "...Aren't those illegal?"

I'm going to be without my computer for 8 days. How depressing.

Um. I really want cake.

I really, really wish it was July. Because the other day I got really excited to visit Ashley, and I just realized that it's two and a half months away. And that made me sad. It was kind of the saddest moment of my life.

Just know... I will be spending my entire summer in the Lane Public Library in Oxford. Because they have pretty much all the Baby-Sitters Club books. And I am a big enough nerd... I will check out all the ones that I don't have.

This time in 3 days, I will be DONE with my freshman year of college. YAY SUMMER! I don't really want to go home, but I am also extremely anxious to be done with school for a while. I'm tired of it. I wish I could spend my whole summer not at home. At least because of band I'm getting home later than I would have been, and I signed up for Arrival Survival, which means coming about a week earlier than I would have. So. That'll be nice.
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