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pearls before swine
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17th-Dec-2005 11:35 pm - Boooooooooooored.
Eternal Sunshine

I am home for the holidays! Kind of boring.

My econ final was the most evil thing in the WORLD. Got a 19/25, which means a B+ as my final grade. I know my stats is an A (98.7!), and I should have A's in history and history of jazz, unless I screwed up royally.

So Monday night/Tuesday morning, I got 5 hours of sleep. Then I woke up early solely to help Jessica take all her crap to her van. AND THEN I HAD TO SAY GOODBYE. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!

So then I was supposed to study for econ final.


Well, at 1:00 I took a 2 hour nap.

THEN I studied for a couple hours.

Then I took the final at 6. Evil. EVIL. EEEEEVIL. I got A's on the other two tests, but this one kicked my ass like a mother. So. Then I went back to the dorm. Watched lots and LOTS of Friends with Hillary. Finished packing. Took a nap.

At 2 I called SafeRider, they took me to the Greyhound, I bought my ticket.

So at 3 a bunch of people get in line for a bus, and they end up having to turn away 10 people, who then had to wait til 6. Man, that must have sucked.

At 6, I get on MY bus. It's crowded and gross and I have to sit next to a stranger and I am SO TIRED but I can't sleep. We make short stops in Wheeling, Zanesville, and some other place (Cambridge?), and then an hour stop in Columbus. Then we get to Dayton and my mom picks me up and I go home and sleep from 1 to 7. Then I sleep again from 8:30 to 11:30. And then I'm up all night.

So I sleep pretty much all day Thursday.

So then I have to stay up all Thursday night and write my history paper, which was due on Friday at noon. I finish at 9:01 exactly. SCORE.

But now I've gotten in the habit of sleeping in the afternoons/evenings and being awake all night/morning. Not really good.

Jess and I have decided our top 5 conversations of all time:

5. Tango of the Paperclip.
4. Go the Distance.
3. And By Popcorn, I Mean Toilet Paper.
2. Blowpops.

And number 1, the only one I'll type in entirety because I am way too lazy (I'm Alpha!Jess, roommate is Beta!Jess)

Beta!Jess: You know, I used to hate yogurt.
Alpha!Jess: What?!
Beta!Jess: I used to hate yogurt.
Alpha!Jess: What?!
Beta!Jess: I. Used. To hate. Yogurt.
Alpha!Jess: Oh! I thought you said "I used to hate you" and I thought "Oh my God why are you telling me this?!" I was really upset.

Honorable Mention: Pittsburgh Athletic Association.

Good Lord, I'm bored.

Looky at my icon!
pearls before swine
Write down the first sentence of the first entry of every month for the last twelve months.

My resolution? Long time, no post. So, yesterday morning, at about 6:52, I'm passing the highway on my way to school. My spring break has been crap. AP English Language: Gah. Not too bad. Yay! I'm a little affronted that Snape came in third. 6:00 AM: I go to bed. So I haven't updated in a long time. Jess said I haven't updated this in a while.

If you count, there's only 10 sentences. That's because I didn't post at all in September and this is my first December post.


History of Jazz final went okay.

Unless I got below a 49/150 on my stats test on Monday, I don't have to take the final.

History paper can be sent via email, which means it does NOT have to be done before I leave school. SCORE.

Audition tomorrow at 3:15. Ew.

I have like 300 pages of reading to do for history by Friday, as well as a short 2 page essay, plus an intro, outline, and citations for my final paper. Ew times a lot.

Textbooks suck. I'm just saying.

1. My username is ____ because ____.
My username is angoradebs because that's pretty much my username for EVERYTHING. It comes with it's own song! We got an A! N! G-O-R-A! We got an A! N! G-O-R-A! We got an A! N! G-O-R-A! Angora Debs! Hot stuff! Sssssssssss.

2. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
My journal is titles "It's the last midnight" because Bernadette Peters sings that in Into the Woods and it is simply amazing.

3. My subtitle is ____ because ____.
My subtitle is "It's the last wish" because that's the line after "It's the last midnight".

4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
My friends page is called "No one is alone" because that is yet another song in Into the Woods. And it fits.

5. My default userpic is ____ because ____.
My default userpic is Phantom of the Opera in 15 Minutes because it still makes me laugh, even though I've read it a million and seven times.


Who gets to see Phantom of the Opera in Cincinnati on December 23? Why, yes, it is me.

My favorite roommate ever bougth me both The 10th Kingdom and An Ideal Husband on DVD for Christmas. In return, I bought her The Importance of Being Earnest on DVD and a German dictionary (which she forgot she needed, even though she does, in her own words, have German "everyday tomorrow").

I would really, really, really like for it to be Christmas NOW.

P.S. Thanksgiving was weird; my new house is nice but it doesn't feel like mine. I didn't know where anything was and it annoyed me. A lot.

Next year Jessica and I are rooming with the other Jessica. We need a fourth suitemate, preferably named Jessica, though roommate Jessica doesn't mind if said suitemate is male instead.

Alan Rickman should never have facial hair. You know it's true.

Whoops. I forgot to do my laundry.
22nd-Nov-2005 12:07 am - Almost time for cheeseball!
pearls before swine
<td align="center">Money is most important in your life.

A high money concentration indicates that you feel that you need to have money in order to truly enjoy life. You feel that if you don't have enough money you will miss out on things that other people get to enjoy.

Life Piechart - QuizGalaxy.com
Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

I swear I'm not really a cold-hearted bitch who only cares about money. As you can see, career actually has the same percentage as money. The quiz just says money is more important.

I no longer have a Christmas break dilemma! Yay! The history of jazz final was actually moved up to December 7, and my econ professor set another alternate test date, December 13th at 6pm. So I'll actually be able to leave that Wednesday and get nearly 3 weeks of Christmas break. Yay!

I have the best roommate ever. She used a third of her Blockbuster gift card to buy me On the Waterfront. And she went to econ with me today! She sat there and read Harry Potter, but STILL. She is awesome. I WILL MISS YOUR PRESENCE, ROOMIE!

I GET REAL FOOD! Cracker Barrel tomorrow, Penn Station Wednesday, and THANKSGIVING! YAY!


I have to go to Trees tomorrow and sign up for a concert band audition and get audition music. Um, I'm not really sure where the music part of Trees is. Trees is an athletic facility. I assumed that I would be going to the music building, but no. Which is good, really, because Trees is here on upper campus and the music building is far away, but still... Trees is big. I don't know where the music office is. But oh well.

Just history tomorrow. Score! No stats recitation! Which means no homework!

I get to see HP4 again soon! And Rent!

Best moment of the day, while watching the Will & Grace episode with Matt Damon:

Me: I love Matt Damon. I want to have his babies.
Jess: No! He's having my babies!

Yes, Jess. Matt Damon is going to have your babies.
17th-Nov-2005 04:00 pm - HARRY POTTER
pearls before swine

I am way too excited to be allowed.


AND we're going to Red Robin beforehand. SO YAY FOR FRIES.


On a non-HP related note, my history paper owned my soul these past two days. It was due today, and I am celebrating the end of it BY GOING TO SEE HARRY POTTER (and falling asleep during history recitation tomrrow at 9am. BUT WHO CARES?!).

12th-Nov-2005 02:46 am - Updaaaaaaaaaaaate.
pearls before swine
Jess said I haven't updated this in a while. So I'm updating.

I got a 94 on my last stats test. I got a 96 on my history of jazz midterm. I got 92s on both econ tests. I got a 100 on my history paper. Points for me all around!

My schedule for next semester:

1-2:50 Children and Culture (Lit class)
6-8:30 Critical Reading

10-10:50 Children and Culture Recitation
11-11:50 Physical Anthropology
12-12:50 Macroeconomics
1-2:15 Stars, Galaxies and the Cosmos

10-10:50 Macroeconomics Recitation
11-11:50 Physical Anthropology Recitation
1-1:50 Stars, Galaxies and the Cosmos Recitation

11-11:50 Physical Anthropology
12-12:50 Macroeconomics
1-2:15 Stars, Galaxies and the Cosmos


Plus concert band on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, if I get in. Auditions are after Thanksgiving.

Also, I've decided to quit CBA and change to CAS, meaning I'm no longer going to be an accounting major/English lit minor. Instead I'm double majoring in economics and English literature. I find this hilarious because a year ago, if you had told me that not only would econ be my favorite class as a freshman, but that I would be so fascinated by it that'd I'd major in it, I would have laughed in your face and called you a moron. I hated econ in high school. Granted, the entirety of my econ education was three weeks in summer school, but there you go. I hated that class. Anyway, I changed because the business school was way too restrictive in what classes I could take to fulfill requirements and I would have gone crazy taking all those business courses. I need things like English and music and psych. Besides, college is supposed to be a time where you, forgive the cliche, "find yourself." CBA expects you to already know yourself when you get there, already know exactly what it is you want to do and how you plan to get there. I am in no way prepared for that. I may be making a huge mistake. I don't feel like I am. All I know is that I got really excited when I realized I could take more English classes. I mean, I already know pretty much exactly which ones I want to take to fulfill my major requirements, and I'm already trying to plan where to fit in more as electives. And econ is just exciting to me. I really, really can't wait to take a game theory class. Because, seriously, I loved the short intro we had to game theory. I'm probably really weird for getting excited. I never got excited about econ when Mr. Conway was "teaching" it.

HARRY POTTER IN LESS THAN A WEEK. Midnight showing, here I come. I am going to be so dead that Friday, and I have a 9am class, but I DON'T CARE BECAUSE IT'S HARRY POTTER AND IT IS WORTH MISSING SLEEP FOR.

Also, Rent over Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving means FOOD. REAL FOOD. OMG. Turkey, crescent rolls, and, most importantly: CHEESEBALL. I am so excited for food.

How am I getting to this food? You may well ask. Well, I shall tell you. Pitt busses are crappy and all of the go east except the one to Columbus. Fair enough, the entire school is from eastern PA. Or Maryland. So, I say, I'll take the Greyhound. Well. Easier said than done. The last bus on that Tuesday leaves at 1:10, and I have a class at 1. After that, the next bus is 12:20 Wednesday morning. Well, I don't want to deal with being at a Greyhound station in the middle of the night. And that's when ALL THE DEPARTURE TIMES ARE. Unless I waited until Wednesday at 1:10. But then I won't get home until late Wednesday night, and I'll have to leave Sunday morning, and it just doesn't seem worth it. So. I talked to my parents. The Pitt Columbus bus leaves at 4 that Tuesday. Which means I could go to my class, no problem. We get to the (eastern side of) Columbus at 7:30. My parents pick me up there, we get home around 9:30 (unless they send my sister, which would be better, because then I'd get home around 8:30). The bus leaves Columbus at 2:30 on Sunday to get back to Pitt at 6. So it's basically me riding a bus and my parents doing what they would have done if I had gone to OSU. Not that I ever had any inclination whatsoever to go to OSU. But whatever.

Dilemma: Christmas break.

This dilemma stems from finals. See, my stats final is optional. As long as I do find on the last test (on December 5), I'm going to have an A in that course, and I won't need to take the final. U.S. History final is a paper, not a sit-down test.

And here's the problem: History of Jazz and econ. The econ final is scheduled for Saturday, December 17, at 4. Which is RIDICULOUS. So she set an alternate test date of Thursday, December 15, at 10. Problem is, that's when the Jazz final is. Now, in Jazz we have the option of writing a paper instead of doing the test. I originally intended to write the paper, as I was always told that the tests are EXTREMELY difficult. Well, I just got a 96 on the test. So I don't know what to do. If I take the test, I'm stuck at Pitt until that Saturday evening. The Pitt bus to Columbus leaves Friday at 4, so I'd HAVE to take the Greyhound. If I write the paper I can either Greyhound it as early as that Thursday, or I can take the Pitt bus that Friday. The papers are supposed to be really easy, but the problem is I have a history paper due at the same time. History papers are 5-7 pages, jazz papers are 8-10 pages. I don't know what to doooooo.

Jess and I went to Target on Tuesday for the sole purpose of getting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on DVD. We left with Fun Dip, Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark chocolate squares (which I first tasted last December in the Chicago Ghiradelli store and I fell madly in love), and a Lite Brite. No DVD. Jess's mom is getting it for her and sending it up. Which is AWESOME.

BUT NOT AS AWESOME AS OUR LITE BRITE. It has four sides, so you can make four pictures at once! I made a butterfly and a pumpkin, while Jess made a guitar (with music notes!) and a cat. IT IS AMAZING. IT IS SO MUCH COOLER THAN ANYTHING YOU OWN.

The best thing I have done since my last post:

So, we never have toilet paper in our bathroom. I go to the bathroom. THERE'S TOILET PAPER. I am excited. So when I come back to the room, the following conversation occurs:

Me: Two exciting things! One! WE HAVE POPCORN!
Jess: Score!
(Pause. Jess realizes we've always had popcorn. I realize what I just said)
Me: (through much, MUCH laughter) ...And by popcorn, I mean toilet paper.

Yes, I am retarded, thanks for asking.
23rd-Oct-2005 04:49 pm - What paper?
pearls before swine
I've decided to shoot myself in the foot and NOT write my History of Jazz paper, instead I'm doing the test. This is probably a mistake, but at this point, I just don't care.

So, in leiu of studying for said test, which occurs at 2pm tomorrow: Survey I stole from Ashley (when do I not steal from Ashley?)Collapse )

HEY! Have you ever gone to the laundry room to find that someone had taken your clothes out of the dryer... and FOLDED them? I find this the most hilarious thing ever, and I'm very jealous it did not happen to me.

I got The Westing Game DVD yesterday. NOTHING like the book, but I love it anyway for it's badness.

My sister has a kidney stone. Is it normal for someone to go home and wait for it to pass THERE? I was under the impression that people stayed in the hospital until it was gone.

11th-Oct-2005 03:27 pm - Yay!
pearls before swine

Why, yes, it was me.

The average was a 65%, which is wrong on many, many levels.

No one shit on our floor these past couple days. So that's good.

I have two midterm papers to do. Um, ew.

I saw Marco today. Only one person will get that, but just know that it was AMAZING.

The lecture hall in which I have history is the perfect place to take a nap. FYI.
pearls before swine
So I haven't updated in a long time. I suppose I was waiting for something truly noteworthy.

So have you ever woken up on a Sunday to find that someone has shit on your bathroom floor?

No, that's not even the whole story.

First, they pissed IN the toilet. Then they shit on the floor. THE FLOOR.

Then they sprayed the fire extinguisher all over the place.

Yeah. So that was exciting. It smells really, REALLY bad. The cleaning ladies were not nice about it, because they're not supposed to have to clean suite bathrooms, but DUDE. No way were we about to clean it.

Soooo. Extremely glad that we have two bathrooms in this suite. Because I am never touching that bathroom again.

Yes, I think it's hilarious. I also think it's incredibly disturbing. This person had to be really, REALLY drunk.

Overheard the best conversation ever on the bus yesterday:

Girl: I don't know how you guys live without Whiteman's.
Guy: Well, I don't know how you live without.... (loooooooooooooong pause)... Wendy's. Wait, you probably have a Wendy's. I don't know how you live without Wawa. Do you have Wawa? I don't have Wawa.

The people who decide Greyhound schedules are morons. That's all I have to say about that.

PITT BEAT CINCINNATI! Woohoo! That means Cincinnati must REALLY suck. I saw some of the highlights, and, man, that was some sloppy football. Pretty entertaining.

I'm extremely disturbed by the fact that I'm actually enjoying my economics class. It's my favorite class. Except I don't go to recitation because it is the biggest waste of time EVER.

Speaking of classses, in CBA Orientation last Thursday some lady from Ryan Homes spoke to us. Which is funny because Ryan Homes built our new house, which my family moved into less than two weeks ago. So I talked to this lady about how weird it will be to come home to a different house.

Jazzman's Cafe smoothies own my soul. As does Jess. At least her screenname tells me so.

Yay for AP credits, because I get to register as a sophomore next semester. Maybe this time I'll get into the Shakespeare class.

By the way, someone SHIT on our FLOOR. Um. EW. I really want to know who did it, because that person is really special. What would possess someone to DO that? Other than large quantities of alcohol, I mean.
31st-Aug-2005 06:44 pm - I'm in college now!
pearls before swine
Sooooooooo I've actually been in college for a week now, but my internet port was screwed up and just got fixed today. SO I HAVE INTERNET NOW YAY. I felt bad having to use my roommate's computer all the time.

Classes are pretty boring. Stats so far is review for me, although supposedly we're going to get into calculus-based statistics. But he gave us some examples and they were pretty easy, so I'm not worried. I am, however, horrified that my stats book costs $120. Econ is boring, although the prof is nice enough. I'm just not an econ person. HOWEVER, 15 minutes into today's lecture the fire alarm went off and we got to miss the rest of class. So that was pretty awesome. History of Jazz is pretty awesome. The prof is hilarious, I love him. "The jazz ensemble always goes to Jamaica every year, and they get high. They think I don't know, but I do." Plus we got to listen to some big band music in today's lecture, so of COURSE I was excited. U.S. History is definitely more interesting than Wurst's world history class ever was. I think I'm going to like that class. And I have not yet had CBA Orientation.

Best thing about college: The freedom. I love being able to go out (and randomly STAY out until 9 in the morning). I love not having parents around constantly telling me to be careful and do this and that and clean my room (which isn't messy yet! POINT FOR ME.).

Worst thing about college: The walk to Sutherland. Holy freaking crap. Steep hill, followed by 100 steps (sometimes you can skip some steps if the Peterson is open; you can use the escalators. But they're not always open). It's a killer. The shuttles are my friends.

Whoever designed Clapp Hall and the public health building apparently didn't know about left-handed people, because there are NO left-handed people desks in my econ or U.S. history classes. Boo, right-handed people.

Brothers Grimm = FREAKING AWESOME MOVIE. Heath Ledger rocks my socks as Jacob Grimm. HE SO DESERVES THE GIRL.

Ashley, I love randomly talking to you during the day. Good times!

So, yeah, my stats book costs $120, my econ book is $93, my jazz books total over a hundred, and my history books totaled $80. HOLY SHIT. So far I've only bought my history books. I went to buy stats and econ but I totally left my debit card in the room, which... not so helpful. I don't think I'm going to buy jazz, I've heard you don't really need them. I don't know yet. I certainly won't have assignments from them, unlike stats and econ.

Yaaaaaaaay for my first week as a college student! I feel so oooooooooold.
24th-Aug-2005 01:33 pm - AN HOUR AND A HALF OMG
pearls before swine
I'm leaving soon! YAYAYAY!

I cried like a loon when I went to Becky's to say goodbye. I'll miss my best friend.

I got my final transcript (woohoo 'cause I moved up to 11th in class rank! Man. One away from the top 10. Boo, top 10 people) at school, talked to Mr. Thomas, who was just in Pittsburgh for a week-long conference, and talked to Mrs. Gaston, who went to Pitt. So good times, all around. I saw that they put up more sophomore lockers in a back hallway. Sucks for them.

I just realized an hour ago that I have a bunch of stuff saved onto floppy disks. So I just emailed myself a whoooooooooooooole bunch of stuff. I'm gonna be in a downloading frenzy for the next week or so.

My mom is getting rid of AOL when they move, SO. Eventually all email will have to come to either jas169@pitt.edu or bandgeek87a@yahoo.com. Just for future reference.


Next time I post, I'll totally be in college.
24th-Aug-2005 12:50 am - Last night! WOOT.
pearls before swine
This is my last night ever in this house. I leave tomorrow for Pittsburgh, spend the night in a hotel, and move into my dorm Thursday. And I come home Thanksgiving to a new house. WEIRD.

My mom is retarded. I really think she DID expect the trunk to magically enlarge. As it is, there is very very little space left in the car, and we still need to fit in my suitcase, my clothes, my mom and dad's suitcase, my backpack, my computer, my clarinet, my pillows, and myself. I am going to be sooooooooo cramped on the ride up. We better make frequent stops.

I broke my granny's heart when I visited her on Sunday to say goodbye. I feel kind of bad now.

We had Penn Station for dinner tonight. MY LAST PENN STATION FOR A LONG TIME.

I'm totally visiting Ashley in NC next summer, and we're going to go see Peter Pan and eat she-crab soup and go to a cheap Mexican restaurant and do Guys & Dolls: The Abridged Version and do crack. It's going to be awesome.

Only with Ashley could I have a conversation about crack at 4 in the morning. Good times.

I can't believe I leave TOMORROW. I'm so excited. I spent 10 minutes talking to my sister, and I just kept saying "I win! Who wins? I win! I'm MOVING! I WIN!" I totally beat her face in this game. Yeah, her goodbye was just "Yeah. Goodbye. I'm going to bed." We're such a close-knit family, I don't know how I'll cope with being away /sarcasm.

I'm going to visit Becky's family before I go tomorrow to say goodbye. That'll be said. They're my adopted family; I'll miss them. BECKY I HEART YOU.


BTW, much love to my lover Ashley, who made me this absolutely fantastic icon. LAVERNE AND LENNY WERE SO MEANT TO BE TOGETHER. SOULMATES, PEOPLE! SOULMATES!
20th-Aug-2005 09:15 pm - ...And the rest of the story...
pearls before swine
So Thursday night I'm trying to sleep, right? Becky drops off around 1:30. About 2, she turns to me and says, "First thing in the morning, I say 'Good morning!'". Of course, I'm just like WTF? Completely confused. So I say, "I thought you were asleep?" And she just goes "Nope!" So I ask, "Are you sure? Because I'm pretty sure you were just asleep." "Nope, still awake!" "Becky? Go back to sleep." And she proceeds to fall asleep within two seconds. So I'm pretty sure she was mostly asleep throughout the entire chat. Anyway. Way before she fell asleep, though, she informed me that she invented cottage cheese, colby jack cheese, and a magical fish hook. And right now she's working on "clear water." She's special.

Friday we went to Put-in-Bay Island, had some fun shopping there. On the boat ride back, we sat on the top deck and some kid's glasses flew off his face and landed by my feet. That was pretty funny. Anyway, later that night Becky and I tried to remember ghost stories from when we were little, but we couldn't really remember them. Not properly, anyway. So Becky tried to make one up on the spot, and it was the stupidest thing I've ever heard. She should stick to her day job. We also played a rousing game of Egyptian Ratscrew, and my right hand is now pretty much nonfunctional because Becky slapped it so many times. We came home today annnnnnnnnd that's kind of it.

I LEAVE IN FOUR DAYS OMG. I'm sooooooooooo excited. My excitement increased about tenfold about ten minutes ago when my dad spent half an hour yelling at my mom and me about our phones. See, my mom got three phones, one each for me, her, and Dad. Well, there were these $60 phones that were buy one, get one free, so my mom got two of those, and then got a $30 phone. My mom and I got the ones from the deal, and my dad got the $30 one, because it was the only one that didn't have a camera, and he's not allowed to have a camera at his work. Well, the phone I got is awesome, but it's pretty bulky and I would prefer to have a smaller one. So I asked my mom about it. And she said she could turn in our two phones and get two of the $30 phones like my dad got, so, when all is said and done, we're still paying $60 for two phones, just like before. But these phones wouldn't have a camera, which was fine with me, because I don't really need a camera on my phone, and neither does my mom. And everyone's happy because my mom actually wanted the smaller one, too, but she got the bigger one 'cause she thought I'd want a camera phone. So if we exchanged them, everyone would be happy and we wouldn't be losing money, either. It's all good, right? Well, my dad is a spaz and he thinks there's no reason to exchange the phones and he was going on and on about how we're all stupid and how it's the most retarded thing he's ever heard in his entire life, and it doesn't matter if I like the phone or not as long as it works and blah blah blah. And, yeah, he's right, it doesn't matter if I like it or not. But if my mom and I would BOTH prefer the OTHER phone, and if it's the SAME PRICE, why the HELL is it such a big deal if we exchange them? I mean, seriously, what the fuck is his problem? The man is an ass.

On a lighter note, my mom went on a bit of a shopping spree and I now have enough water, Pepsi, Cheez-its, and popcorn to last my entire college education. My question is where in the car am I supposed to fit all this stuff? My mom's trunk is TINY, my parents are both coming up with me, so the front seat will be occupied, I have to sit in the back, my parents will have a suitcase, I'll have all that food stuff, my TV, VCR, laptop, clothes, laundry stuff, various other items. Now, my SISTER has monster trunk space, but she just got her car (like, while I was on vacation)--a red Chevy Cobalt--so no way will she let us use it. And we can't take the truck because I'd have no wear to sit. So yeah. I told my mom months ago we should rent a van or something for the drive up, but she didn't want to listen to me. I think she expects her trunk to magically enlarge once we start stuffing things in there.

I have to visit my grandparents tomorrow. Woo.

...Is it bad that I haven't started packing yet?

Becky got me hooked on The Killers.
20th-Aug-2005 06:30 pm - FOUR DAYS OMG.
pearls before swine
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Apparently, Becky's on crack, because we did not go to Michigan. But that's not the point. We were up around Port Clinton, Ohio, right next to Lake Erie. It was awesome. Her house was RIGHT next to the lake. Like, seriously, just a few yards away from it. It was gorgeous.

Thursday we went to Cedar Point, and I rode Dragster, which I never thought I would do. Fun stuff. We got to the top and the guy in front of us shouted "HOLY SHIT MOTHER FUCKER!". Good times. Lines were crazy, though, about an hour to an hour and a half for each thing. But there was some good music playing while we were waiting, so it was all good.

Later that night, Becky and I went on a food run. So, first we go to Pizza Hut to put in a carry-out order for Becky's parents. We get there, and it's a Pizza Hut Italian Bistro. It was, like, fancy Pizza Hut, which is pretty much the funniest thing ever. So we're placing our order, and the waiter guy's pen runs out of ink. So, of course, he shouts "I NEED A FUCKING PEN." Anyway, after we place the order, we head to McDonald's to get Becky a pop. So we're going through the drive-thru, and Becky says "I want a medium Coke, and that'll be it." And the guys says, "Okay, medium Coke. Anything else?". So we're cracking up and we get to the window, and the guy's French or something. He's definitely foreign. And he says "Greetings!" and calls Becky "Madame" and is basically just hilarious.

So then we go back to Pizza Hut to wait for our carry out order. And we're in the parking lot, and there's a guy walking his dog. I mean, he pulls into the parking lot, parks his van, and takes his dog for a walk. So we start cracking up again. Then Becky decides to put on some music, and she's dancing to "I Love Rock 'n' Roll". Well, someone gets into the car next to us, and waves us on, thinking that Becky wants to back out, since the van was still on. But Becky's just dancing away, paying absolutely no attention. So he just kind of stares at her, then backs out and leaves. Soooooooo then we go get the pizza.

Then we go to Taco Bell. We get to the drive-thru intercom thing, and the following conversation ensues:

TACO BELL GUY: Good evening, how are you today?
BECKY: Fantastic! How are you?
GUY: I'm great!
(About 30 seconds later)
BECKY: ...So, are you ready for my order?
(About 10 seconds later)
GUY: ...Yes! I am!
BECKY: Alright. I want four hardshell tacos, with no cheese. Just beef and lettuce.
GUY: No cheese?
BECKY: Right. And then I want a Mexican pizza, and 2 hard shell taco supremes.
GUY: Okay. Anything else?
BECKY: Nope.
GUY: So that's four hard shell tacos minus the beef, one Mexican pizza, and two hard shell taco supremes.
BECKY: No. The four tacos are minus the CHEESE.
GUY: Oh, okay.

So we go to pull up to the window, but this guy from a semi WALKS up and starts talking to the guy at the window. So we wait until he leaves, and then we pull up, and the drive-thru guy just goes, "Hi!". And then just stands there. Then we finally get our food, but they forgot the 2 supreme tacos, so we go back around to get those.

Annnnnnnnnyway, that's Thursday. I have more to share but right now I am excited about my new cell phone, so I'm just going to leave the story for now.
17th-Aug-2005 10:06 am - Cedar Point, here I come!
pearls before swine
Whee! Leaving with Becky's family in about 25 minutes. This time tomorrow, Becky and I will be at Cedar Point! Yay! I LOVE Cedar Point.


...Sunday-Tuesday - going to suck. I have to pack everything. Everything. Stupid parents deciding to move in September. Morons.

My contacts keep ripping, so I need to stock up on them before I leave.

Band camp closing ceremonies rocked. They dance this year. I find this absolutely the funniest thing ever. And during pregame, they whoop. I do not like the new cadences. I'm kind of glad I'm not in band for this year's show, but I really really missed having band practice. It was weird. Until I remembered that morning calisthenics are at 6:15 in the morning, then I thought, "Yay, I graduated!"

I have to brush my teeth and stuff my teeth stuff in my suitcase, then I'm good to go. My room's a disaster area. Hope my mom doesn't try to kill me when I get home. Bathroom's pretty nasty, too. Oh well. ONE WEEK LEFT AND I'M GONE FOR FOUR OF THOSE DAYS.

We sold our house (FINALLY), so no more having to get up and clean just so people can spend ten minutes looking at it. YAY. (And I so told everyone we wouldn't get 200k for this stupid house. 198,000, thank you, now who was right?)
11th-Aug-2005 01:20 am - TWO WEEKS OMG.
pearls before swine
Surveys!Collapse )

I saw Phantom of the Opera live on Saturday and it ROCKED YOUR FACE. The seats were dead uncomfortable, though, no leg room whatsoever and my knee was really hurting me. My sister is incapable of following signs and got off on the wrong exit, but we still found the place. The the curtain got stuck on the angel statue, which was hilarious, but I think you kind of had to be there.

I leave for school in TWO WEEKS. OMG. TWO WEEKS and I'll be rid of my parents for THREE MONTHS. This is so awesome. No parents, no sister, no unloading the stupid dishwasher, no cleaning the bathroom (well, yes, I'll have to help clean the bathroom, but I'll be sharing that responsibility with 3 other people). NO MORE. Haha! I am so freaking excited. As it gets closer, I find that every little thing my parents do annoys the crap out of me. Everything they say, any little movement, anything, just bugs me. So I'm very glad that I get a nice long break from them. On the downside, these are my last two weeks EVER in this house. I'll be coming home to a different one. So that's weird. I don't feel as sad as I did last time we moved. Last time I was 10 years old, and I sobbed. I mean, I cried for weeks leading up to it and for weeks after it happened, and I screamed at my parents and couldn't understand why they were taking me away from the only house I'd ever known. And we just moved UP THE STREET. I mean, seriously, my old house is within walking distance. I like this house, though, my room's really big and I have a walk-in closet and I know where everything is. I'm going to be so confused when I get to our new house over Thanksgiving break. But oh well.

Before leaving for school, however, I will be going to CEDAR POINT. WOO! Becky invited me. We're staying with her aunt in Michigan, and visiting Cedar Point. Man, I love Cedar Point. I had a blast when the band went two years ago. They have the best roller coasters ever.

My sister and mom are in Indianapolis right now, and they're catching a flight in the morning to go to St. Petersburg Beach, Florida. We used to go as a family every summer, but we haven't gone since I was 12. I hate the beach, so I'm not exactly bitter than I'm not going (I always stayed in the hotel room the entire time we were there), but it would have been cool to see the old hotel again. But who cares, they get back the 15th and I'll be leaving the 17th for CEDAR POINT (I win!) and coming back the 20th. Then, on the 24th, it's GOODBYE FOR THREE MONTHS WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So I guess I only have about 4 more days total in the company of my sister, and 5 more days with my mom. Weird.

Friday is the band camp performance. I'm going with Becky and Aneesha. I do hope that this year's show is better than the Roman show. God, that show was awful. Nothing beats The Planets, of course, and Phantom of the Opera was just awesome by default, but the Roman show was just UGH. They're doing, I think, 30s and 40s swing tunes? I'm not sure. I know Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy is on the list. This was a horrible week for band camp, too, all hot and humid and gross. Sucks for them! Last year was really nice, 60s all week, nice breeze all the time. Haha to the people at band camp right now!

...I think sometime next week I need to stop by the high school and get a final transcript. Because I really want to know what my final rank was, and they never updated prepHQ with it (I can tell because it still has my old GPA, and I know for a fact my GPA changed; that much was on my report card). So, I really need to visit my good old guidance counselor.
1st-Aug-2005 03:30 pm - I. Hate. Realtors.
pearls before swine
6:00 AM: I go to bed. Shut up.

10:04 AM: Dad calls me, tells me to get up because there are people coming to look at our house sometime between 11:30 and 12:30.

10:21 AM: I roll out of bed. Shower. Straighten up my room. Turn on the pool. Turn on the kitchen lights (as per my dad's request, because, apparently, the only way to sell a house is to waste energy, because there was plenty of sunlight in the kitchen. But I digress.). Read the newspaper. Twiddle thumbs.

11:40 AM: Go to my room to doze while I wait. I get up to look out the window every time I hear a car door slam.

1:15 PM: Call my dad. "Little fuckers didn't show up." Except I don't say that really, because I value my life (and tongue, which would probably be ripped out). He gets angry.

1:45 PM: They come. OLD people. Like, elderly. Grandma and Grandpa age. I don't know why the hell they brought them to look at our house. I mean, this is not a house old people would want to live in. This is a house for people with one or two kids still living with them. I mean, all the bedrooms are upstairs. You have to go down a flight of steps just to reach the backyard. I mean, seriously. Old people would hate living here. I call my dad on my cell. He gets angry. Because he gets that there's no way an elderly couple is going to buy our house. Tells me to call him when they leave.

1:52 PM: They leave. I call. My dad laughs. Yeah, shut your face, moron.

So, in conclusion, I get 4 hours of sleep so that I can wait for people to look at my house, and they decide to be two hours late without giving notice, and then they're there for a fucking seven minutes. Grr.

So my dad says this will probably happen every other day, and I'll just have to deal with it until I get to school.

Can August 24th please come a little more quickly?

In other news: Band pre-camp started today. I miss it. I hated pre-camp while it was happening, of course, it's terribly boring and painful and tiring and hot and gross. But now that I'm not experiencing it, I miss it. But at least now I can laugh at the poor little high-schoolers who are in the school parking lot from 7 AM to noon every day this week, marching up and down, side to side, playing scales and the fight song. HAHAHA.

Hmmm. Maybe I don't miss it that much.
20th-Jul-2005 02:19 pm - Nashville pictures!
pearls before swine
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19th-Jul-2005 08:38 pm - Many things to share...
pearls before swine
First and foremost: OMG HARRY POTTER I NEARLY DIED. Ahem. I won't go into an in-depth review or anything, but I cannot BELIEVE what happened with Snape. Gah. Nearly killed me.

Nashville was awesome! I'll have pictures later, but for now a description shall have to do.

Wednesday: Becky's family picked me up around noon, we went to Frisch's for lunch, then we went to Becky's dentist, then we hit the road. The way down was fairly uneventful, I mostly listen to my headphones, we ate at Cracker Barrel, we played Guess Who? and Connect Four (apparently when Becky says she has checkers, she means Connect Four). We also played UNO. Stopped at the Food Lion, then got to Earl's house. I spent the evening teaching Becky and her mom how to play Egyptian Ratscrew, and I ruled them. I won every single game we played whilst down there.

Thursday: We started off the day by going to Loretta Lynn's house. This was extremely boring. Becky and I were not amused (except for when the lady by the snack stand started singing along to the Loretta playing on the PA system). Later we went to downtown Nashville, shopped around, got stuck in a rainstorm courtesy of hurricane Dennis that flooded the streets within minutes. Then we had to wait two hours to get into Demos' for dinner (we had to wait anyway for Leslie, Eulialia and the kids to get there). Then we all went to Earl's house. Becky and I faced off with her mom and Leslie in a game of Cranium. We ALMOST WON. You have not lived until you've seen Becky silently acting out "reproducing." (It was at least better than my attempt at silently acting out "Eiffel Tower." I ask you, how the heck was I supposed to do that?)

Friday: Went to the mall! Yay! I got jeans at PacSun and the My Fair Lady special edition DVD (I HEART FREDDY!!!!!!!!!!!) at Tower Records (because they did not have a single Candide soundtrack. Not one!). I also got a teddy bear at Jillian's with all my tickets. It's very cute. I got a stuffed tootsie roll, too. It's kind of a weird thing to have. Anyway, we ate dinner at Alabama Grill, and the 20-something waiter was totally flirting with 36-year-old Eulialia the whole time. It was hilarious. He kept coming up and having conversations with her, then he would leave and Eulialia would be like "I swear, he thinks I'm cute!" and "I would thinkhe's being flirty with me if I wasn't old enough to be his mother!". Anyway, later we went back to the house, then at midnight Becky, her dad, Earl and I went to Kroger for--you guessed it!--HARRY POTTER BOOK SIX OMG. There were a bunch of people there getting the book, and I was jumping up and down in the parking lot like a loon. Anyway, we went back to the house, I stayed up until about 5 reading, then finally went to bed.

Saturday: We left around noonish and headed home. I tried to read in the car, but I had to stop every chapter because I would start to get carsick. We ate a Cracker Barrel (yes, again). When we got to Cincinnati I called home, but my parents weren't there, so I called my mom's cell. And she told me that I got my room assignment (finally!). And I'M IN SUTHERLAND! WOOOO! I SO wanted to be. I'm very excited. My roommate's name is Jessica, too, so that's amusing, and she loves Harry Potter and Love Actually so I'm already liking her.

I also got my AP scores on Saturday. 5's in English Lit and Stats (plus psych, but that's from last year), 4's in English Language (which is amusing because I thought I did soooooo much better on language than lit) and my Calc AB subscore, and a 3 on Calc BC (which is also amusing because I totally thought I failed it. I left half the free response blank). So. All this means that, combined with my placement exam, I will be entering college with 25 credit hours under my belt. Not bad at all. That's a full year for a lot of people. So that's cool. I also should be getting an AP Scholar with Distinction certificate, if the info on the back of the report is correct. So yay.

All in all, Saturday was a Very Good Day!

Now I just need to get a hold of Becky and force her to find a gap somewhere in her busy life in which we can go se Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, because we totally have to.

Oh, and horrible news. I found out that my sophomore algebra teacher and Mu Alpha Theta teacher passed away last week. She was an awesome teacher and a great person. I can't believe she's gone.
13th-Jul-2005 12:59 am - Ready to leave!
pearls before swine
Leaving for Nashville in about 11 hours! Yay!

So, West Chester is one of the top 100 places to live (#45, to be exact). And in some weird twist, it is the fourth most polluted city in America. Ah, how I love living here. Also interesting, Mason, which is right across Butler-Warren Road from West Chester, is number 6 on the pollution list. And Springboro and Loveland aren't far behind (they also aren't far away from me). Ohio rules the pollution category, especially the greater Cincinnati area. List of 100 Best Places to Live. From there you can view the top 10 places in various other categories-most polluted, least polluted, most golf courses, hottest, coldest (all cities in this one are in Minnesota), etc. Fascinating.

Gotta love it here.


Saw War of the Worlds on Friday. I liked it. But I'm a huge fan of any alien action movie (Independence Day RULED no matter what certain English teachers believe). Then on Sunday, when my sister and I were kicked out of the house (after much screaming and yelling on everyone's part) for several hours while my parents held an open house (number of people attending? Zero), we saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Pretty good. But I'll probably never watch it again. (Funny story... my parents saw this movie a little while back, and my dad said it reminded him of "the movie with the divorced couple." And my mom goes, "Mr. & Mrs. Rose, you mean." She of course meant War of the Roses. This was hilarious.)

This trip is going to be awesome. We have UNO and cards and Guess Who? and checkers. And I've already made it clear that we will not be leaving Nashville without having played at least one game of Cranium. And I'm totally ready to take on Tower Records (I get 10% off!).

I am running low on funds. This is bad. I have about $80 in cash. I have nearly $900 in my checking account, but... dude, I am moving away in a month. So I can't really go on a spree and spend all that. And I have no way of making money. I must be the only person in the world who can't get a job. And that annoys me, because people who are less hardworking than me can get jobs so easily and they spend it on drugs and beer and cigarettes and crack. And I just want to save money for college, and I can't get a job. I swear, I have applied everywhere within a half hour's drive of my house (excluding most restuarants, because me + working with food = Very Bad Idea), and... nothing. And now that there's only a month before I leave, it'll be nigh on impossible to get a job. No one's going to want to hire me for five weeks. So I'm in what I like to call Deep Shit. My mom's already pissed at me and is completely unwilling to help me out becaues she thinks I didn't even try to get a job. Well, I did. So SHUT UP AND STOP TELLING ME I'M WORTHLESS.

This weekend really made me realize how much I absolutely loathe my parents. I know every teenager says that, but, seriously. You've never met them. They are quite possibly the most bigoted, self-centered, angry, hypocritical, vain, stupid, greedy people I've ever met. And they tell me I'm self-centered. Well, maybe I am, but I'm pretty sure I know where it comes from.

On another note, I really want my dorm assignment. It seems that every other freshman and their dog has gotten theirs. People in every building, people as far away as California, people after me alphabetically (thereby destroying the theory that this was all alphabetical), and I have yet to get mine. I called them up today, and they said that if I didn't get mine by next Friday, to call back. And I'm like, DUDE. How come others get theirs as early as July 6, and I have to wait until July 22? I mean, I really want to know what building I'm in. I've been wanting to know for months. I really, really hope it's Sutherland. I won't be too upset if it's Forbes, but pretty much anything else... I mean, I'll live, I can adapt pretty easily, but if I was going to choose... Oh well. Nothing to be done for it but wait, I suppose. I want my AP scores, too. I've told my dad, if anything comes from Pitt or AP while I'm gone, call me right away. Not like my phone is ever on, but whatever.

Well, I'm off. To Nashville! By the time I'm back on here, I will have had a nice vacation and I will have read HARRY POTTER 6!!!!!!! I am so not getting on the computer until I'm done with it. No spoilers for me, please and thank you.
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