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pearls before swine
It's the last midnight
It's the last wish
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1st-Jan-2017 04:09 pm - Final Reading List 2016
In 2016, I read 56 new books. How did I do on my 2015 goals?

-Read 50 new books - Done!
-Finish the I am Number Four series (including companion novels) - Done!
-Read 5 classics - I'm calling it done, by counting the very first novel Agatha Christie wrote, as well as her most famous
-Read at least 15 books that I have on my own bookshelves. I read a lot of Kindle books, because it's easier to read at work during lunch, and I also get a lot of books from the library. But I also have a ton of perfectly good books sitting on my shelves, and last year I only read a handful. I need to work on that. - Failed. I only read 9
-Finish my book goal with enough time to re-read His Dark Materials, especially with the BBC series coming next year - Done! And I sobbed.

So what were the 56 books?

Final Count: 56Collapse )
25th-Apr-2015 02:36 pm - Final Reading List 2014
Looks like I forgot to post this at the beginning of the year:

Final Count: 54Collapse )
13th-Jun-2011 12:32 am - I'm going to be a grown-up!

So, I've hated my job at the answering service since about 2 weeks into it. It's only part-time, I work nights, weekends, holidays. I constantly get called in on my day off. I have to work til 10pm Friday and come in at 7am Saturday. I missed soooooo many football and basketball games. I only made $10.50/hour, only got about 25 hours/week. There are no raises and no promotions. No benefits.

I've wanted a "real" job for a long time. But to be honest, I probably only applied to 3 or 4 jobs in all of 2010.

Then at the beginning of this year, I got my W-2 from 2010. $15,000. For an entire year of my life. No. Just no.

So I renewed my search. I had a few leads. I had two phone interviews with Reed-Elsevier for a capacity planning position. Aneesha was trying to get me to apply to her company in Tucson. I almost did, but they removed the listing too quickly. Of course, there was the Epic offer from Wisconsin, which I declined. At the time, I wondered if I was making a huge mistake.

Well, a few months ago, there was an ad in the paper for a 911 dispatcher for City of Middletown. I'm not an idiot. I know that a job like that would be just as crappy as the job I have now - but it would at least pay twice as much. And would come with benefits. So I applied. And I thought: What about other cities nearby?

City of Hamilton - not hiring. Oxford - not hiring. West Chester, Liberty Township, Cincinnati - not hiring. City of Fairfield - BINGO.

They had just put up listings for four jobs: Receptionist, Account Clerk I, Clerk I, Clerk IV. There was just one application for all jobs, and every applicant had to take a civil service exam.

Well, I turned in my application. About a week later, I got a letter with the date of the exam. It was at 9am on a Saturday where I was scheduled 9-5. "Crap," I thought. "This just figures." Luckily, I was able to switch with the person working 3-11 that day. I worked Friday night, got no sleep, woke up and went the exam.

Hundreds of people. Hundreds. I mean, I almost turned around and walked out. Hundreds of people applying for 4 jobs. But I took the exam. I took the typing test. And I played the waiting game.

Meanwhile, I took the 911 dispatcher exam. At the exam (maybe 70 people?), they told us that if we passed, they would schedule each of us for a typing test and send us a letter letting us know of the date/time. I got my letter, which said I passed the exam (98%) and luckily, my typing test was scheduled for 9am on a day I didn't have to work til 4pm. I took the typing test and passed that, but they said it would take 4-6 weeks for anyone to hear back. So I played the waiting game.

On May 16th, I got a call from someone with the City of Fairfield Income Tax Office, wanting to schedule a phone interview for an Account Clerk I position. I was really surprised, because I was completely qualified for all the other openings, but Account Clerk I required 6 months of bookkeeping experience, which I clearly did not have. But I was very excited, and scheduled my phone interview.

Two days later, at 11am, they call, saying it's the phone interview. Which was a huge surprise to me...because I had written down the next day as the date. I was still half asleep (having worked til midnight the night before) that I blurted this out to them. Before I knew what had happened, they had rescheduled me for the next day. And I thought: Well, that's that then. I mess up the day of the phone interview. Kind of calls my "attention to detail" into question.

But I tried to put that aside. They called me for my phone interview the next day (May 19th). The first five minutes... were awful. The first thing they asked was if I had tax experience. I said no. They asked if I had dealings with my local tax office... again, no. They verified that I live in a city and therefore do pay local taxes. And I'm like "Well, I mean, I pay my taxes. But they just come out of my paycheck. I don't ever deal with the office." And they kind of laughed and were like "...ok..." And then they asked me a question about where I see myself in five years and I TOTALLY BLANKED. It's the one interview question everyone asks. And normally, I'm prepared. But I blanked. I cleared my throat and said "excuse me" like 4 times before stuttering out an answer.

But after that, everything went very smoothly. First five minutes aside, I knocked the thing out of the park. At the end of the interview, they said they were talking with 10 people. They would choose 2 or 3 to interview in person. They said they'd call the next week if they were interested in me.

Well, they called 4 hours later. And they specifically said I was the first person they were calling. They scheduled me for June 2nd. (2 weeks! I had to wait 2 weeks!).

So, I got the interview. I started to prepare. I had a shirt I wanted to wear, but I needed gray pants. So I went shopping. I read pages and pages of prospective interview questions and ways to answer. The day before my interview, I went to get my hair cut. Just a few inches. Except the lady went CRAZY and chopped off way too much. Still getting used to that.

The day of my interview, I was super nervous, but very determined. I wanted this more than anything. So I got there, and this is where stars started to align. Because they had a surprise for me: I was interviewing for TWO positions. In the two weeks since my phone interview, an account clerk position had opened up in the utilities office. And instead of the utilities office starting at the beginning of the application process, they were just interviewing the same people that were up for the income tax job, since they were looking for the same things. So I interviewed with both departments (at the same time. 4 people interviewing me at once. It was weird).

I mentioned stars aligning because, well.. I didn't get the tax office job. I got the utilities job. My interview went REALLY well. I got along with everyone, I was conversational and engaging but remained professional. I was able to joke around without seeming immature. And I had exactly the experience they were looking for. The answering service I work for answers after-hours for City of Hamilton utilities, as well as Butler County Water, Boone County Water, Southwest Regional Water District, Cleves Water Works, Glenwood Energy of Oxford, and Lawrenceburg Gas. So I already know how to deal with customers regarding utilities.

I sounded so knowledgeable. I talked about difficult customers, after-hour payments, gas leaks, water main breaks, power outages, gaining rapport with the troubleshooters.

The interview took about an hour. I felt like I killed it. They told me they'd be interviewing that week, then calling early the next week. That was last Thursday. On Friday I sent all my thank-yous.

Monday, I heard nothing. Tuesday, I heard nothing. Wednesday, I got out of the shower and had a missed call and a voicemail. The voicemail was from one of the women I interviewed with (Tina) and just said she wanted to talk to me about the position.

My hands were trembling so badly, I could barely dial the phone. But I did. And I was put through to Tina's extension. And she offered me the job!

Now let me brag about this job: It's a government job, which means job security. It's full time, Monday-Friday 8-5. No overtime. No weekends. No nights. No holidays. In fact, we get 12 paid holidays. 4 personal days and 10 sick days per year. 2 weeks vacation (after the first year). It's a union job, so there are step raises. To start, I'd make $16.54/hour. After 6 months, $17.84. After a year, $18.65. After 2 years, $19.66. What this means: Right out of the gate, I'd be making twice as much annually as I do now. After two years, nearly three times as much. GOOD-BYE, STUDENT LOANS!

So, I start June 27, pending a background check and drug test. Yay!

Regarding my old job: I worked Tuesday, then had 6 days off. So I actually haven't been to work since I got the new job offer, and won't be back til Tuesday. I was going to wait til Tuesday to tell my boss, so I could do it in person. But my last day will be June 25, and technically that would have only been a 12 day notice. So on Friday, I decided to just get it over with and call. And it was really awkward. I tried to focus it on money only. I can't live off $15,000. And I told her that.

The timing actually works well, though. Our schedule goes through July 4th, but I only had 3 shifts after June 27th, so there isn't much to cover. As for the new schedule, one of the new girls (yeah, my hours get cut to 20/week and instead of giving me more, she hired two new people. Another reason I'm glad to leave) is going to be ready to go on her own by then. So I'll only be missed for 3 days, basically.

I went shopping for work clothes on my birthday. Spent about $250, but some things I'm not sure about and might return. But I'm so excited to actually have a real, adult job. I've waited over 2 years for this. And my time at HTAS actually worked in my favor, because that experience is what got me this job.

I just can't believe what had to line up for me to get this. City of Middletown had to be hiring for me to get the idea to look at City of Fairfield. I had to switch shifts at work to be able to take the exam. I had to do well enough on the exam to distinguish my self from hundreds of other people. I had to overcome a disastrous beginning to a phone interview. And someone in the utilities office had to quit right before my interview with the tax office. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed. And I'm actually looking forward to all of it. I just finally stopped being the "new girl" at work. And now I'll be the new girl again. But it's okay. Great, actually. Looking forward to a new chapter in my life!
6th-Aug-2010 06:23 pm - Reading 2010
pearls before swine
2010 Reading ListCollapse )
28th-Dec-2007 09:44 pm - I've been up for two hours. TWO.
pearls before swine

I hate my immune system.

Had to cancel my Wednesday plans. Was well enough to go out yesterday, but it took too much out of me and I had to reschedule my plans for tonight for Sunday. Hopefully I'll be better by then.

So, they probably won't make the rest of the His Dark Materials trilogy into movies, which is sad, because they would make kick-ass movies. And because I think the kid who played Toby in Sweeney Todd would be the PERFECT Will.

The Hobbit's being made into two movies, though. So score.

I heart my new camera. A LOT. It is way cooler than my old one ever was.

I'm in a Laverne & Shirley mood. Which is unfortunate because I left my DVDs in Pittsburgh.

This song ("Hey There Delilah") owns me.

24th-Apr-2006 04:32 pm - Finals. Ew.
young hot Marlon Brando
So. Finals week. Not so awesome.

Econ is Wednesday at 8. I still have to get the last bit of notes, but I'm not too worried about it. I can miss 14 and still get an A for the semester.

Anthropology is Thursday at 8 (TWO 8am finals? What did I do to deserve this?). I'm not worried about this one, either. I only need a 78, since I got a 94 on the midterm and a 102 in recitation. I do need to study, though. And there's a review session tomorrow I need to go to. There was one today, too, but... sleep was more important.

Children & Culture is Thursday at noon. This one might suck. A lot. There's a multiple choice/matching section, a short answer section, and a close reading section (that is basically like the AP English test essays... we get new material and have to close read it). So. I definitely need to study for this one, especially since I don't think my essay was that great (then again, I thought my last essay was crap, and I got an A).

Ummmmmmm. Hillary is leaving tomorrow, and that makes me really, really sad. Jess is leaving Thursday, and Jess C. is leaving... Friday morning, I think. Saaaaaaaaaaad.

My parents are coming Saturday to pick up all my stuff. I'm hoping to convince them to take me out to dinner. Because that would be really nice. And then commencement is Sunday at 1. We leave Monday morning at 8am for Maryland. The band leaves Maryland on Wednesday morning, but I'm staying with Jessica til Sunday, May 7th.


Saw American Dreamz this past Friday. Funniest movie ever. Hugh Grant makes me really, really, really happy. But they took out the funniest part from the trailer! The "I'm a real big fan of your work." "...Cheeto?"

Best part? "I think, after a while, they were more like placebos." "...Aren't those illegal?"

I'm going to be without my computer for 8 days. How depressing.

Um. I really want cake.

I really, really wish it was July. Because the other day I got really excited to visit Ashley, and I just realized that it's two and a half months away. And that made me sad. It was kind of the saddest moment of my life.

Just know... I will be spending my entire summer in the Lane Public Library in Oxford. Because they have pretty much all the Baby-Sitters Club books. And I am a big enough nerd... I will check out all the ones that I don't have.

This time in 3 days, I will be DONE with my freshman year of college. YAY SUMMER! I don't really want to go home, but I am also extremely anxious to be done with school for a while. I'm tired of it. I wish I could spend my whole summer not at home. At least because of band I'm getting home later than I would have been, and I signed up for Arrival Survival, which means coming about a week earlier than I would have. So. That'll be nice.
7th-Apr-2006 06:04 pm - WOOT
pearls before swine
Becky is coming in, like, 5 and a half hours! YAY!

I think I'm going to take her to Fuel & Fuddle for half-price tonight, and then tomorrow--who knows. We might go to Red Robin. It depends. I don't know how to pay for the bus, and she would have to.

Apparently back home it's been hailing and there are tornado warnings. Glad I'm not there, I'd be freaking out hardcore. It's 75 and sunny here, so scooooooooooore. But it's supposed to be in the 30s and 40s tomorrow. Damn you, fickle weather.

My band concert is Sunday. GO BAND.

Ummmmmmmmm. Grade update. I got an A on both my Children & Culture in-class essay and the paper I wrote before spring break. Also, my TA likes what I've written of my final paper so far. So score.

Anthropology quizzes continue to be ridiculously easy (the worst I've gotten is 9/10, and they drop the lowest anyway). I got an A on the midterm, so as I long as I do moderately well on the final, I should be good.

I got an A on my econ test. We have another one Tuesday (cumulative, too, boo), plus the final. So I really don't know what will happen there. He changed the grading scale, though, so you no longer need a 72.5 to pass.

I got an A on the first astronomy test, I think I did well on this last one, and I should have gotten 10/10 on the last quiz.

Soooooooo. Basically only worried about my econ tests. I've been doing well with keeping up on the econ notes, I only have 3 lectures left to do. And mass studying on Monday. Last time I spent 4 hours studying, and this is cumulative, so... A lot of hours, yeah.

I am booooooooored. I still have to clean the floor, but really that's all I have to do until 8, when I get to listen to Jessica sing in Portuguese at the Brazilian festival. I guess I'll do more econ and reading. Woohoo.
23rd-Mar-2006 12:51 am - Ohhhhh, this week is slow.
Eternal Sunshine
So Becky and Stephen are supposed to be here right now.

They are not.

I was super-excited because they were going to come visit me and then yesterday it snowed in Hamilton, so Becky's mom decided Becky wasn't allowed to go. And, I mean... I get that she was worried about her. But, come on. Becky's 18, Stephen's 19. Becky doesn't even live at home anymore. And, yeah, it snowed Tuesday during the day. But the roads would have been fine today, and there wasn't any snow up here, and it's just really depressing because all three of us were really looking forward to it. Becky had packed and everything, Stephen made plans with his friends up here, I cleaned the floor, and we find out less than 12 hours before they were going to leave that they're "not allowed". So Becky and I talked on the phone for an hour and a half last night about parents and college life and being treated like a kid (which is something I am thankfully no longer subjected to. My parents really don't put any restrictions on me anymore). And we had a good cryfest, because, really... I hated life there. I was always really miserable. And I am so glad to be away from it all. There's only one thing I really, really miss while I'm up here, and that's Becky. So, yeah, I'm upset that she couldn't come. And she's going to try to come up sometime in the next month or so but it'll be hard because she'll have classes and everything. And so that pretty much sucked ass.

So onto the GOOD NEWS!

Had suite selection today, Jess, Jess and I (ohhhhhh, how much fun it will be!) will be living in Centre Plaza, room 205 next year. Very exciting. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living area, kitchen with microwave, fridge, dishwasher, stove, and all that jazz. Modem internet, which sucks, but we'll deal.

Had registration today, so wheeee. Today just made me really excited for next semester.

Fall 2006 Schedule:


11-11:50 - Russian Fairy Tales
1-1:50 - Cultural Anthropology Recitation
6-8:30 - Intro to International Trade


9:30-10:45 - Intermediate Microeconomics
11-11:50 - Cultural Anthropology
1-2:15 - Intro to Shakespeare


11-11:50 - Russian Fairy Tales


9:30-10:45 - Intermediate Microeconomics
11-11:50 - Cultural Anthropology
1-2:15 - Intro to Shakespeare
3-3:50 - Russian Fairy Tales Recitation


Yeah, right.

Snagged the second-to-last spot in my trade class, so that was awesome. My Wednesdays rock hardcore, as do my Fridays, obviously. Trade and Micro go toward my econ major, Anthro goes toward my possible anthro major. I'm taking Shakespeare through the theatre department as opposed to lit, but it fulfills my lit requirement regardless. And Russian Fairy Tales is an elective. Jess C is taking it with me. And Hillary will be in Anthro with me.


I'm still upset about the Pitt loss to Bradley. And now Jamie Dixon may not be coaching Pitt next year? WTF? Dixon rocks.

I've become hyper-obsessed with filming with my digital camera. I made quite a few awesome ones today. Only I'm not camera-savvy at all so the first few, while awesome, skip a lot. They all involve an extensive tour of my dorm room (and bathroom), and my roommate is the star while I narrate. I'm very proud of them. I think I have a calling as a filmmaker.
19th-Mar-2006 01:50 pm - Go Panthers!
pearls before swine
So I feel like it's been ages since spring break. But it was nice and relaxing at least.

My sister picked me up, we rode home, had PENN STATION. Yum. I checked my car and it ran fine, so I did end up visiting Aneesha.

I'm very jealous of the food at Purdue. We ate in what was supposedly the crappy dining hall, and it was actually good food. Not that it's hard to be sodexho, but really.

Had a nice road trip with Becky on the way back. Not so much on the way up, she was sleeping a lot.

Wednesday, I watched the Pitt-Louisville game. Louisville was able to cut a 28 point defecit to 3, but Pitt held on.

Thursday, I went with Alyssa to Miami to visit Bree and Becky R. Their dorm room was really nice and had this cool ledge thing that I coveted. We ate at Applebee's. It was nice catching up with all of them. I hadn't seen Bree or Becky since August, and I hadn't seen Alyssa since graduation. Driving Alyssa to Miami was like old times, driving her home from school. We never really hung out outside of school, but we talked everyday in class so it was nice to catch up.

Watched Pitt beat West Virginia. Always a great thing to see.

Missed the Pitt-Villanova game, because I was seeing WICKED. It was amazing. Just, wow. A lot different than I thought it would be, but so much better than I imagined.

Watched Pitt lose to Syracuse, which sucked. Stupid McNamara.

Came back Sunday. Nothing too exciting has happened.

Basketball rant, a little late in the game:

A #5 seed? Are you fucking kidding me? We should have been a 4, maybe even a 3, but at least a 4. One of the last teams to lose a game, undefeated in nonconference play, only lost 6 games, never by more than 5 points, and only lost the Big East championship game by 4 points? And a #5 seed? Please.

Pitt dominated Kent State, which made me really happy.

Pitt losing to Bradley horribly right now, and I am pissed as hell. I don't know what kind of game we're playing. We are leaving people wide open and missing shots all over the place.
3rd-Mar-2006 02:32 am - Shhh.
pearls before swine
I have a paper due tomorrow before I leave (read: by 1:00PM), and I have not started it.



SurveyCollapse )

Anthropology midterm was caaaaaaaaake. Easy A. Econ test today sucked like a mother. There were 3 (out of 30) which I completely guessed at.

This paper is kicking my ass. I do not want to write it.

My sister met Anthony Rapp in Philadelphia. I am incredibly jealous. He'll be in Oxford (read: my house) on April 8th (where will I be? Pittsburgh, of course). BUT, he'll be in Pittsburgh April 1st. So.

Sometimes, Pitt basketball hurts my feelings. If they don't win this last game, I will cry. Pittsnogle, I hate you and all of your WVU friends.

Someone please explain why I'm scheduling myself an 18 credit semester when, with all my AP credits, I could take 12 credits every semester and still graduate before my scholarship runs out? There's something very wrong with me.

Essay. Right.
26th-Feb-2006 09:38 pm - ...Econ? What?
pearls before swine
I should be catching up on my econ lecture notes.

I am so not.

My spring break plans have been effectively ruined. My car battery is apparently not good, and since my parents are currently on a ship in the Caribbean, I have no way of getting a new one by March 4. And Becky's car isn't good for a long trip, and I'm not covered on my sister's insurance so I can't use her car. Which means not visiting Aneesha at Purdue. Which sucks like a mother. I am really pissed about it, because a.) my dad has been planning on getting me a new battery since I left in August, and b.) my mom knew I was planning on taking a road trip over spring break, but she didn't tell my dad, so he didn't check my car til Friday and they left yesterday.

So I can't see Aneesha until summer, which sucks, because I haven't seen her Thanksgiving break, and before that I saw her once between graduation and her leaving for Purdue. I'm just really, really, really angry right now because that road trip was the thing I was looking forward to the most and now I'm spending all of spring break in Hamilton. My dad said he can replace the battery when he gets back, but then I'd have to take the trip during the week, and then no one can go with me because they all have class. And I'm not allowed to go alone (why? I'm not entirely sure. I can live on my own in a strange city 5 hours away for months at a time but I can't visit a friend 3 hours away for one day? And I'm probably more likely to get in a wreck if someone is in the car with me, so... I'm not sure what their logic is, there).

SurveyCollapse )

Soooooo... my whole I-have-no-idea-what-to-do-with-myself-in-college crisis is on-going. I've decided not to major in English lit. I still want to do econ. Truthfully, I'm fine with doing just econ. But I'd feel like my college education was wasted if I went to college for 3 and a half years and came out with one tiny 27-credit degree (it was 24, but they changed the requirements, like, this week. And now I'm sad because Game Theory doesn't fulfill any of my econ requirements (except as an elective, so I'm still totally taking it). Anyway, the problem is, there's nothing else I really want to do. I thought about statistics, but that requires calc 3, and, dude, I haven't taken calc in a year, there's no way I could just jump into calc 3. I looked at poli sci, because it's only 8 classes. I'm not really interested in politics, like, at all, though, and a large number of the courses offered next semester are MWF classes, and I refuse to take Friday classes.

Which brings me to the reason I will want to kill myself next semester: 18 credits crammed into 4 days. And Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 9:30 (Game Theory, I hate you for being so damn interesting that I absolutely must take you, and then only being offered at stupid times). I'm looking at Intermediate Microeconomics, Intro to Game Theory, Intro to Shakespeare, Intro to Archaeology (because I'm contemplating an anthropology major), Russian Fairy Tales, and Sci-Fi: East and West. Both these last two fulfill the Nonwestern foreign culture requirement (meaning I only need to take one, and the other one is just sitting pretty as an elective), but I really want to take both. And I want to take them now when I know they fit into my schedule.

I hate school.

And now I will hate spring break.

Can it be summer, please?
20th-Feb-2006 11:42 pm - Is it spring break yet?
Eternal Sunshine
Since the last update:

-participated in a riot (so the Steelers are good for something. Go Bengals!).

-withdrew from Critical Reading for various reasons (including the fact that the day after the Super Bowl we had a paper due that was worth 15% of our grade and... yeah, didn't want to do it. Also, Monday nights not really working for me.

-Band concert in Harrisburg. A long day (up at 5, bus ride, security, changing, security again, sitting around, performing, lunch, sitting around, bus ride, studying for quizzes. I missed a really important anthropology lecture, still don't have the notes, and the midterm is Thursday. Ew much?).

-In-class essay in Children & Culture on Little House on the Prairie. I think I did pretty well. I'll know for sure tomorrow when I get it back.

-First astronomy test. Either it was incredibly easy or incredibly difficult. I'll let you know when I get my grade.

-Went to a study abroad essentials meeting in which I randomly saw Becky's gay best friend Stephen's ex-boyfriend.

-Increased my music library on iTunes from one song to 365.

-Horribly depleted my checking account when I paid next year's housing deposit and then paid 54 bucks on a one-way bus ticket from Columbus to Pitt for after spring break. My mother is reimbursing for the bus ticket but not the housing deposit. Oh, how I wish it were the other way around. (Forgive my pettiness, but I often find it unfair that I'm the only one I know whose parents aren't helping with college expenses at all. My mom paid my initial tuition deposit and this past year's housing deposit. The end.)

-Broke my hip. Some people think it's hilarious to see his or her roommate writhing on the floor in pain after walking straight into her bedpost. To these people I say: Go swallow a knife, I hate you.

-Got far too excited about the presence of toilet paper in the bathroom. It was a magical day.

Plans for the week:

-Must get notes from anthropology lecture I missed. Very important.

-Anthropology midterm on Thursday. Very gross.

-Catch up on econ lecture notes.

-Should probably clean my side of the room. I think it kills a bit of Jessica's soul every time she sees it.

Plans for next week:

-Econ test March 2nd.

-Children & Culture close reading assignment due March 3rd by 4pm. As I'm leaving at about noon, should probably do before econ test.

Spring Break plans:

-March 3rd - Jamie picking me up at noonish on her way back from Philadelphia with Mindy.

-March 4th - Kidnapping Becky and taking a road trip to Purdue to visit Aneesha. Return later in the evening.

-March 10th - WICKED! Woo! I was so excited to learn that it was in Cincinnati over spring break, and then I was so disappointed when it sold out within the first hour so I couldn't get tickets, and then Jamie got tickets off eBay. YAY!

-Sometime during the week - Spending the day with Becky, possibly crashing at Wright State for the night.

-Sometime during the week - Visiting Bree at Miami.

-Sometime during the week - Doing something with Alyssa, the only other person in the world who has the same spring break as me.

Dilemmas, dilemmas, dilemmas:

Next semester: Intermediate Microeconomics, Lectures in Literature, Critical Reading, Russian Fairy Tales, and...?

Take Intermediate Macroeconomics to get the two out of the way? Take Childhood's Books, to get in the second of my 3 non-1000 level lit electives (and thus be taking 3 lit classes plus the fairy tale class which is essentially a lit class)? Take Morality and Medicine and get my philosophy requirement out of the way (effectively completing ALL of my general education requirements, which would be a very good thing). Try to take an 18 credit semester? Sign up for 18 credits and drop whichever one I don't feel the most comfortable with at the beginning of the year? Drop out of school and enter a nunnery, despite being very not Catholic? Eat paste? I need help, people.

I hate going home, but I'm really excited for spring break to get here. Because, hello, ROAD TRIP and VISITING PEOPLE and WICKED.
2nd-Feb-2006 10:56 pm - I am bored.
Jess is listening to her headphones and making me sad.

We are playing Holst's 1st Suite in Eb in band. This makes me immensely happy. Except I'm on third and not first and whoa is the third part different. Funny story: My stand partner also played this song a few years ago, when he was second chair, and he had the solo that I had. So that was cool. We sang along to the beginning of the movements since we rest then. He is a way better stand partner than the one I had last time I played this song.

I should probably be reading right now. I have to read another chapter in Lies My Teacher Told Me for Children & Culture, and I have to read to essays on Jane Eyre and then write an essay that's worth 15% of my final grade in Critical Reading. Ew. And I was supposed to read Astronomy on Tuesday, but I didn't.

Had my advising appointment today, my registration appointment is March 22, at 10 in the morning. I could've gone at 8:30 but, um, ew.

Nervous about suite selection for next year. I WANT IN THE NEW BUILDING. A BATHROOM THAT NO ONE HAS EVER USED BEFORE!

I was really stupid on my anthropology quiz this week. I KNEW the answer, and I erased it and put something else. Gross.

My advisor gave me a lesson in rock today. Something about morse code and the song "YYZ". Or something. I don't know. He was really excited about it and I was like "Nerd." And then I remembered how excited I got when Jess told me there was a class here called "Mathematics and Anthropology" or something of the sort, and I realized... I'm a much bigger nerd.

I really wish I wasn't going home for spring break. It's going to be so boring. No one else has spring break when we do. My parents will still be on their cruise for the first couple days, so I'm thinking of crashing in Becky's dorm for a night or two. And if I ever get in touch with Bree, I might visit her at Miami, since I live so effing close to Oxford now and I never did get to see her over Christmas because I got sick.

It is very bad that the Steelers are in the Super Bowl. If they lose, there will be a riot. If they win, there will be a riot. Couch fires and all. Very glad I don't live on lower campus.

Pitt's basketball team lost to UConn by 4 points. Do you know how much that sucks?

In anthropology today we watched slides for 40 minutes. Subject: Dentition of primates. TEETH. FORTY MINUTES OF TEETH SLIDES. Every now and then we got the entire skull, but it was all about the teeth. It was ridiculous.

I want to go on a trip. I have no money to do so, but I want to go on one anyway (My lack of money will not deter me from going to NC in July, but I want a trip NOW).

I did laundry today, so I was somewhat productive.

I need to reeeeeeeeeeeeeead. Dang it.
27th-Jan-2006 03:54 am - 33 days later...
Wow, I haven't updated in forever.

Highlights of my life since December 25, 2005:

-New Year's. Not that exciting. I still date things 2005, and will probably continue to do so through at least May.

-Bought Lost season 1 on DVD, downloaded what they had of season 2 on iTunes. I have now succeeded in getting my roommate at least somewhat addicted. Point for me.

-Had my first flying experience. So I was supposed to take the Greyhound back to Pitt. Well, the day before I leave my parents are all "You're going to fly." And I was all "But what if they lose my luggage?" Seriously, that was my sole concern. So they find the cheapest flight they can, which left from Indianapolis and connected in Chicago. My sister drove me to Indy and, at that point, it really would have been best if she had just driven me to Pittsburgh. I mean, really. Anyway, I catch my flight, no problem (except I'm in the back row corner seat and have no window and I'm generally uncomfortable, but oh well). Hour long layover. Land in Pittsburgh. Jess meets me. We eat Auntie Anne's pretzels. We go to claim my luggage. It's not there.

-Four days later, my luggage is delivered to my dorm. In between, there was much crying, screaming, and yelling over the phone on my part. Because, had it not been found, I would have lost pretty much all my clothes, all my movies and CDs, a few books, a digital camera, and various other items.

-I went ice-skating for the first time. I did not fall down like I thought I would. I'm actually pretty good, if I do say so myself. Plus Jessica held my hand when "1985" played and on the way back from the rink we came across a playground (not surprising, since the rink is, in fact, in a park). And there were swings and we totally played on them. And then we left. And then Jess realized she left her camera there. So we went back. And retrieved it. And then left again.

-Finally actually transferred from CBA to CAS (after much walking from office to office and conversing with disagreeable people). My new advisor seems cool, we talked for about 45 minutes, and, even though I knew more than he did about what fulfilled gen ed requirements and what I had credit for thanks to AP tests, he seems nice enough and not entirely moronic.

-Took more naps than is probably healthy.

-Ate more Burger King than is probably healthy. Okay, definitely not healthy.

-Start of classes:

Children and Culture: I effing love this class. It's weird having a two hour lecture once a week, but the prof is amazing and makes it go by so fast. We're currently reading Lies My Teacher Told Me, which I've always wanted to read, and Little House on the Prairie. Plus we'll be reading Bud, Not Buddy, The Birchbark House, and The Bluest Eye. And we'll be watching Annie. And the other day in lecture we watched Schoolhouse Rock and listened to Bing Crosby. Seriously, this class is amazing. Recitation isn't as exciting, but the lecture more than makes up for it.

Critical Reading: It's okay. Got an A- on my first paper, which rocks, because the class is writing-intensive and my first paper made a good impression. It's definitely weird having a night class, there are a lot of middle-aged people in there, but it's also kind of nice, having a broader range of opinions. This semester we're reading Jane Eyre (which I had never read but always wanted to. I'm almost done with it now and I really enjoyed it), Huck Finn (this made me cringe, because I did NOT enjoy reading it in high school), and Light in August (which makes me happy, because I loved As I Lay Dying, and I've been meaning to read more Faulkner). On the downside, even though I already owned Jane Eyre and Huck Finn, we were required to buy specific editions (Norton Critical), for 13 bucks each. So I had to pay 26 dollars for two books I already owned (either of which you can buy for 5 bucks at any bookstore, or read for free online, since their copyrights are loooooooong expired).

Physical Anthropology: Um. Okay, here's the thing. I find the topic and subject matter fascinating, I really do. So I don't mind the class. But the lectures are boring as hell, and the recitations are not much better (luckily the first 10 minutes of recitation is spent on a quiz every week). So far it hasn't been hard, but I'm expecting it to get a lot more difficult as the semester goes on.

Stars, Galaxies and the Cosmos: When I actually attend lecture, I'm greatly amused. The prof is funny and keeps my attention. The subject matter isn't exactly fascinating, but it interests me enough to actually enjoy the class. The recitation... well, okay, I've only actually gone to one. The TA is hilarious without intending to be and I honestly don't know if he's at all knowledgeable about astronomy because, truthfully, I hardly listened to a word he said. I heard "If you look at the night sky, you see many stars", "there's a difference between far and far-far," something about a person living in an airport, and he pronounced Gemini "Jiminy". And he spun around. I spent the whole class playing hangman and passing notes with Jess. We had to go to the observatory last night, and, although it was pretty boring, the building is really pretty awesome. If it weren't for the fact that it's absolutely freezing, I would totally buy it and live there.

Macroeconomics: Not as fun as Micro. Mostly because there are 420 people in the class, and most of them actually come, which is weird. Micro had about 200, but I would say only half of us ever came. The prof is a lot nicer and funnier than last semester's, but he just puts up slides (which are online anyway), so I'm not terribly tempted to go to lecture. I went to recitation the first week and probably never will again. Seriously, is there a rule that states that econ recitations must be absolutely pointless? I can't wait to get to the upper-level econ classes, which should be more interesting and will definitely have better profs.

Concert Band: Yes, I'm counting it as a class, because I get one credit for it. The director is awesome. He's hilarious, friendly, approachable, and not nearly as dictatorial as Snyder. I'm still not entirely used to his directing, but I figured it would take some getting used to--after all, I always had trouble following guest conductors and such in high school. So, the director is awesome but the pieces he has us play... Good Lord. It's pretty much all hymns and chorales (Including "Praise the Lord" which makes me nostalgic for "Variations on Lobe den Herrn" from sophomore year. One of my favorite songs from high school). We have one march that is so not really a march, plus "Stars and Stripes Forever" (how overplayed can you get?), and, finally, one extremely awesome song (except for the first page, which takes about 6 minutes to play and is all sustained high notes and makes me want to kill myself) that we played tonight. I had a not-so-good audition which landed me first third clarinet (which is a position I'm used to, having held it the last quarter of sophomore year and the last half of senior year), but my stand partner cracks me up and the last chair reminds me so much of Valerie that I'm pretty sure I have actually called her Valerie. The dresses are black floor-length gowns, only they're short-sleeved and not as low-cut (thank God on both counts). The fitting guy told me to wear a necklace, so it looks like my pearls from Winds will actually come in handy. We have a concert in Harrisburg on Valentine's Day that starts at noon, so we're leaving here at seven in the morning and leaving right after the concert because there's a basketball game that the pep band has to attend. Bad points aside, though, I really like being in band again. We're not nearly as good as Winds ever was. Really, we're not even remotely fantastic, but it's just nice to be a part of a band again, I really missed it.

I'm already thinking about what classes to take next semester. If I do a double degree (BA in Lit and BS in econ) instead of a double major (BA in both Lit and econ), then I have to have 150 credits as opposed to 120. My scholarship only covers 4 years, but I had 21 credits coming in so as long as I take at least two 18 credit semesters, with the rest 15 or 16, I'll be good. I'm thinking of taking 18 next semester: Intermediate Microeconomics, Lectures in Literature (which I sooooooo do not want to take but it's a Lit major requirement), Intro to Shakespeare, Russian Fairy Tales, Political Theory and Analysis, and Origins of Christianity. If I do that, then I'll just have to take one (maybe two) more foreign culture classes to finish my gen ed. So if I take one econ class per semester (although one semester will have to have 2), and 2 lit classes per semester, I'm looking at two or three electives per semester for my last 4 semesters (actually my second semester senior year will be probably all electives except for one econ course).

Soooooooo it is definitely like 4 in the morning now. I'm kind of tired, but I'm even more hungry. I think I'll have a peanut butter sandwich and then go to bed. I have no Friday classes, so I can sleep as late as I waaaaaaaaaant
25th-Dec-2005 01:22 pm - MERRY CHRISTMAS!
pearls before swine
It sooooooooo does not feel like Christmas.

So my sleep schedule has been COMPLETELY screwed up all break, and I woke up at 8am yesterday. We had breakfast, then opened presents. Which was weird, because we usually open them at like, 5:30 in the evening. But whatever.


My sister got a laptop. Her wireless works. Mine still won't. Bitter? Yes.

Ummm. Around 7 we went to Grandma and Grandpa's. I got a $25 Target gift card and $150 in cash, so that was nice.

Today in my stocking I got two cards and a giant Caramello (yummmmmmmmmm) and $50. SCORE.

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